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Can Central Banks Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to gain traction and value in society, it will only be a matter of time before governments, with a vested interest to gain controls over and regulate such currencies, consider creating their own cryptocurrency.  But can that realistically work? Continue reading

Developers Say Ethereum’s Byzantium Hard Fork Is Running Smoothly

The distributed public blockchain network Ethereum has had it’s Byzantium upgrade completed and seems to be successful.  Time will tell if it remains stable….

As Reported by Rachel Rose O’Leary on CoinDesk on Oct 16, 2017

While it’s still perhaps too early to deem ethereum’s Byzantium upgrade a success, developers indicate the software update, executed just hours ago, is running smoothly so far.
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J.P. Morgan Is Launching a Payments Network Using Blockchain

Blockchain technology continues to develop for real world applications.  Bitcoin may be getting bad press but the Ethereum blockchain is rapidly becoming a realistic solution for business transactions.

As Reported By Reuters on October 16, 2017

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co said on Monday it launched a new payment processing network that uses blockchain technology, in partnership with Royal Bank of Canada and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.
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How Blockchain Could Help Tech Giant Cisco Reboot

As reported by Michael del Castillo for Coindesk on 

Cisco is changing. The technology firm best known as the supplier of enterprise computer hardware has seen a slow, steady decline in revenue from some of its core products. As a result of an increasing number technological services being virtualized, and the storage of information moving to the cloud, the $158bn firm has been restructuring and exploring new ways to capitalize on connected devices.
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AIG Issues First Insurance Policy Based on Blockchain Technology

As published by Anthony Coggine for CoinTelegraph on June 19, 2017

American International Group, also known as AIG, has recently announced its issuance of Blockchain-based insurance policy. The insurance giant pilots the first multinational smart contract based insurance policy using Blockchain in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and IBM.
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Quantum Computing Might Be Here Sooner Than You Think

As reported by Jon Asmundsson for Bloomberg Markets on June 14, 2017

Teams at startups, universities,  government labs, and companies like IBM are racing to build computers that could potentially solve some problems that are now intractable.
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